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Each week The Weekly Fight recognizes a Veteran's service and his/hers impact in their community. Help us recognize a Veteran that you may know or that has influenced the lives of others.  



We're happy to present 2020 Really RUCKS!


2020 has been a rough one so far, but there have been some bright spots. Dogs, coffee, snacks, the hope for a normal Halloween...well we're here to celebrate the good and ruck through the rest.


Each week we will release a themed rucking challenge. You will have that week to gain as many rucking miles as possible and submit your scores. Prizes will be awarded for top ruckers based on mileage. Make sure to share your adventures on social media and tag us, because there will be participation prizes as well!


Rucking weight is up to you, but we suggest 10-20lbs for Women and 20-30lbs for Men.


Registration is only $10, and is open throughout the month. Visit the link in our bio to join in on the fun!

Click                              to Register




To forge a bond between Veterans and the community

to maximize their civilian potential. 


The Weekly Fight was created to help promote healthy lifestyle through Camaraderie, Mission and Purpose. We are determined to reduce Veteran suicide by teaching Veterans how to transition and turn Post Traumatic Stress into Post Traumatic Growth.

With our partners The Weekly Fight provides free workouts to Veterans, First Responders and their Family Members. We stress the family unit and partner relationships because Post Traumatic Stress not only effects the Veteran but the family as well. At these weekly workouts we dedicate the WOD to a Veteran. Sometimes it is a local Veteran that can come in and share his experience, other times it is a Veteran that has gained national or local attention. We do this to help break the stigma and show the contributions Veterans are making to their communities.

We welcome civilians to our workouts which helps bridge the Veteran and civilian divide. This gives Veterans an opportunity to be in an environment that is supportive and has likeminded individuals. The military mindset of everyone suffers together is a perfect fit with the CrossFit community. Our workouts are always partner or team based to help build that camaraderie. Result shared pain brings people together.

Our business model focuses on three pillars

  • Education – At our workouts the Veteran and Chapter President will shall experiences, discuss trauma and how they turned their lives around. We have also held several “Trauma Panels” at West Chester University where we discuss what Trauma is, with both Veterans and civilians.

  • Crisis Management Fund – Used to assist Veterans in need of financial support.

  • Scholarship Fund – Used to help the surviving children of Post Traumatic Stress fund their higher education.

We are currently located at Fire for Effect Athletics in Manayunk, CrossFit Inspire in Frazier, PA,  CrossFit Petram in Middletown, Delaware, CrossFit Batcave in York, PA, CrossFit Thunder Hill in Oxford, PA and Pottstown Athletic Club Pottstown, PA.  


Philadelphia, PA



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​Sunday: 8am - 5pm

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